• In preparation

Mamis E., PhD Thesis. University of Latvia.

  • 2022

Van den Bergh V., Towards Alpha Dosimetry with Laser Ionized and Mass Separated 225Ac: Setup Development and Source Characterization, MED030, KU Leuven, Master thesis.

Goossens W., A compact CZT γ-ray detector for nuclear applications in medicine, MED020, KU Leuven, Master thesis.

  • 2021

Vuong N-T. Systematic investigations of uranium carbide composites oxidation from micro- to nano-scale: application to waste disposal. PhD thesis. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. Manuscript available here.

Heines M. Mass separation of 225Ac for medical applications: first proof of principle at CERN-MEDICIS. Master of Science in Physics (KU Leuven). Manuscript available here.

Spoormans K. Radiolanthanide purification at CERN-MEDICIS: an investigation of a novel radiation detection system. Master Thesis of Science in Physics (KU Leuven). Manuscript available here.

  • 2020

Christodoulou P. An in-situ gamma-spectrometry system for the characterization of non-conventional radionuclides for medical research. Master Thesis Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree in Nuclear Physics (2020). Manuscript available here.

D'Onofrio A. Clickable Radiocomplexes for Cancer Theranostics. PhD Thesis - Universidade de Lisboa, Institut Superior Técnico (2020).

Stegemann S. Production of mass separated 11-C beams for PET-aided hadron therapy. PhD thesis - KU Leuven, Belgium (2020). Manuscript available here.

  • 2019

Formento Cavaier R. Production de radionucléides innovants pour des applications théranostiques avec cyclotrons commerciales et réacteurs nucléaires couplés avec la séparation en masse. PhD Thesis 3M Doctoral School, Nantes (2019).

Martinez Palenzuela Y. Characterization and optimization of a versatile laserand electron-impact ion source for radioactive ion beam production at ISOLDE and MEDICIS. PhD Thesis KU Leuven (2019). Manuscript.

Verelst V. Transport of Tb radioisotopes - Determination of A1 and A2 values. Master Thesis KU Leuven (2019) CERN-THESIS-2019-233

  • 2018

Maietta M. Radioprotection aspects associated to radionuclides for medical applications. PhD thesis, 2018.

Verhoeven H. Tb radioisotopes for medical applications: spallation cross-section measurements and first isotope delivery from CERN-MEDICIS. Master thesis KU Leuven (2018). Manuscript.

  • 2017

Dewit B. Towards the first collection of 44Sc at CERN-MEDICIS: realistic FLUKA simulations of the CERN-MEDICIS collection of 44Sc. Master Thesis KU Leuven (2017). Manuscript.