The pictures below show a view of the MEDICIS laboratory.

The laboratory is equipped with a shielded fume hood to which a shielded trolley can be connected.

  • The shielded trolley is used to safely retrieve the samples from the collection chamber after a collection of radioisotopes has been completed. It allows for the protection of the operator since it avoids any risk of contamination and exposition to ionizing radiation.
  • The fume hood is used to condition the samples to be sent to the partner institutes and for radiochemistry developments.

The collection chamber, where the isotopes are collected, and the operator desk are located at the back of the laboratory.

  • The collection chamber contains the collection system which includes a sample holder on which 3 collections foils can be placed. The position of the foils is controlled manually by an arm moving perpendicularly to the radioactive ion beam. 
  • The collection foils are small thin gold foils with a one-sided Zinc coating. The coating is performed by the CERN EP-DT group.

The laboratory also include a gamma-spectrometry room to perform analytical measurements on the sample to be shipped to the external partners. These activities are supported by the HSE-RP group.

Class A lab